How do I connect without a keyboard, mouse,  or screen?
Assuming worse case scenario... A Raspberry Pi Zero

Windows edits files differently from Linux based systems. Install an editor that will allow you
to change line delimiters from CRLF to LF

I recommend Notepad++

When you edit a text file with Notepad++ you will see the "End Of Line" delimiter highlighted
you want to change the CRLF to LF. Select Edit, EOL Conversion, Unix (LF)

Here are the procedures for setting up a new  Raspberry Pi so you can connect to it with Wi-Fi

Before you start!
     Ensure y
ou know your existing Wi-Fi SSID (Network name) and password

By default SSH is disabled for security purposes, we need to enable it.
     On the SD card,  create a new empty file called "
ssh".  (no extension)

Now to setup Wi-Fi on the Pi
     create a file called
     Enter the following lines with your Wi-Fi information (Copy/Paste/Edit)

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev


(make sure you hit enter after the bracket or it wont be recognized)

(Raspbian will move ssh wpa_supplicant.conf to the /etc folder during the boot process. )

Wait about 90 seconds for the Pi to boot.

Use any type of SSH program (Putty or MobaXterm) to connect via the IP address
     check your router to find the IP of the Raspberry Pi

You will get a warning about a potential security breach. You are connecting to an unknown computer (your Raspberry Pi) If you allow your SSH program to store the key for the new computer you wont get the warning again.


The recommended first thing to do is run the configuration and update!

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo raspi-config

1: Advanced Options : Expand Filesystem (then reboot and go back into raspi-config)
2: Change Localization Options
          Wi-Fi Country
3: Update