Windows 8.1 now allows you to perform a complete system image backup
                                                                                               (see backup link)

Windows 8ís File History feature is designed to protect usersí personal files, which are generally irreplaceable. In contrast, thereís less need to back up system files because operating systems and applications can be reinstalled from elsewhere.

   Files in your libraries
   Files on your desktop
   Your contacts
   and your browser favorites.

If you want to back up a folder elsewhere on your hard disk, you can add it to a library and tell Windows 8 to back up that library. You can exclude certain files in your library from being backed up, but you canít include files outside your libraries or desktop.

File History is designed to back up your files on a continuous basis (hourly), so you can easily revert to a previous version of a file or restore a deleted file. This also minimizes data loss - if your computer goes down and you lose all your files, youíll lose very few files as they were recently backed up.

Just Backup my files!!!!
Search for "File History"   (Windows + C  or slide from right side to left)
            (if you can't find it do the search from 'Control Panel')
Have an alternate USB, or other external drive plugged in
Turn ON

Restore my file/s
Go back to "File History"
Look along the left of the screen, you will see the word "Restore"
Browse and select the files you want to restore and hit the green button