Instructions for setting up you Raspberry Pi as a Network Attached File Server
(a.k.a. NAS)
Updated 09 Jul 2017

List plugged in media to verify what they are called
$ ls /mnt
mydrive                 (write your drive name down, you will need this later)

Install Samba
$ sudo apt-get install samba samba-common-bin
$ sudo aptitude install samba samba-common-bin

$  cd /etc/samba
/etc/samba $ ls
gdbcommands smb.conf                            (make sure you see these files)

create a copy of smb.conf to smb.conf.master (keeping an original)
$ sudo cp smb.conf smb.conf.master

$ sudo nano smb.conf                              (edit config file)
                                                  (only the lines need to be changed will be shown)

Modify the [global] section

workgroup = (from the network that will be accessing the Samba Server)

Modify the [homes] section    (search for 'homes')
Instructions are included within smb.conf for your convenience.

   read only = No
   create mask =
   directory mask =

NOTE: this will give full access to your USER's folder ONLY
located at     /home/(userID)  on the "System" partition !

go to the bottom of smb.conf and add the following lines

-------------------------------do not include this line

usb]                               #  (name of share)
   comment = USB Share
   path = /mnt/
MyDrive    # (from ls /media command that I told you to write down)
   valid users = pi        # NOTE: Here... path is /mnt NOT /media
   read only = No          #  We want the 'logical' location  we created
   create mask = 0777  
   directory mask = 0777
   guest ok = Yes  

-------------------------------do not include this line

ctrl-o <Enter> ctrl-x
(write file) (yes to confirm) (exit nano)

look for errors (typos & spelling), scroll up if nessecary
$ sudo testparm

Add the pi user to samba user database
$ sudo smbpasswd -a pi      (enter your current pi password when asked)

Restart Samba
$ sudo service samba restart   (old method)
$ sudo service smbd restart    (new method)

Now try connecting to your new PI server
From another computer browse the network to your PI
$ uname -n                            (what is the name of my Pi server?)

type this into the address bar of your windows file explorer (not internet explorer)
\\(pi server name)[\(name of share from above)]

Now click on the [Connect using a different user name] link
and enter your Raspberry Pi  user name and password

Refuses to connect?
try \\(Raspberry Pi's IP address)[\sharename]     #Temporary fix
Enter your local router settings and enable NetBios, then reboot all affected devices

View the samba logs which are in /var/log/samba