22 July 2016
Kodi ....If you don't know what it it is you're missing a lot. It's a free, open source, multi platform
media center. You've seen vendors at markets selling devices that promise hundreds of free channels to watch all the TV shows and movies your heart desires. Most of these vendors sell modified Firesticks, Roku's and so on. You just have to pay a one time fee of $200. I call BS

Kodi connects all the dots from the internet media to your device (PC/Tablet/ Media plug/ Raspberry Pi). Kodi works the same on every device. I choose the Raspberry Pi 3.
(Feel free to use a PC)

Installing on Raspberry Pi 3
As always, ensure your Pi is up-to-date

$ sudo apt-get install kodi

It's that simple!
You will find Kodi under “Sound & Video” in the menu.
Feel free to “Right-Click” and “Add to desktop”

But you want more?
First the small steps...

Add some Video sources. There are sources you can readily install and they are easy enough to install. (And easy enough to remove). Note: You will find that some sources are not all that.

Some semi-decent sources are...
Apple iTunes Pod Casts
Livestream    (changes ALL THE TIME, CHECK REGULARLY)
AMA Pro Racing
WABC Programs
WCBS Programs
WNBC Programs
Truth Videos

Really good ones

Pirate resources