1. How Do I Schedule a test?
     From the Clark County Instructions go to page 6 and click the link to Pearsonvue
     Under "View Program Information"
     Select "Contractor/Trades"
     Select  "Schedule online"
     Select "Non-authorized Candidates"  (For exams that do not require pre-authorization)

   Create an ID if you havent done so or sign in to schedule a test

2. What do I bring with me to the test?
     See page 14 Clark County Instructions
     You may bring 3 sharpened pencils,
     NEC - Tabs must be the permanent type
          Do NOT use ALL the tabs in the tab supply.
          Low Voltage only uses half a dozen chapters!
     (I did not need a calculator)
     Must have picture ID
     Nothing goes into the test area!   (hats, gloves, phone, watch, wallet, jacket, sweater, etc...)
     A locked personal locker is provided
     Bathroom right in test area, just get up & go
3. What questions will I expect to find on the test?
     See pages 23-25 of the Clark County Instructions
4. Any more help?
     Must have NEC 2011, you will not pass without it
        (put a non-removable sticker of the Ohms Law on the inside cover, NO PENCIL MARKS,
         Pen and Highlighter OK,  No loose paper or sticky notes.)
     I recommend a new NEC2011 with "non removable" tabs on the topics specified in the instructions
     USE the TABLE of CONTENTS in front of the NEC!!!!
     If a term is unfamiliar... look it up in the INDEX in the back for a reference.

5. How much will this cost?
         $100 Exam at Pearson Vue
         $  10 New card application (after passing Pearson Vue test)
         $  76/150  Significant Changes class
                         (with or without NEC book)
         $  30 Renewal  card application

If you pass... you PASS.. no score will be provided
If you fail...you will receive a numeric grade
      as well as a subject area breakdown of the test that describes
      the areas where you performed well or poorly.

Upon passing your examination. Go to last several pages of the Clark County instructions.
Complete the application and mail to ICC at the address on the bottom.

You must submit the ID application, along with a $10 fee, two (2) passport photos (Walgreens),
and a copy of your driverís license. (then wait 3-4 weeks)

Clark County's Low Voltage Technician card must be renewed every three years.
Card holders must take from 1.5 to 3 continuing education credits (CEUs) in order to renew the cards.

___UPDATE____ for renewal

You should get a letter from the International Code Council 6 months before your certification expires.
Make sure to schedule yourself the "Significant Changes" at the JATC.
The course is 20 hrs ( 4 days x 5 hrs each)

After taking the course fill out the page proving an area to list the CEU's

Do not forget to check off...
    1.  That you have a copy of the current ICC Clark County, Nevada Information Bulletin.
    2.  The ID you wish to renew  (? Low Voltage Technician (772) )
    3.  The amount for which you are paying for
    4.  Your method of payment  
    5.  The entry for the class should resemble the following

Continuing Education Activity
         Date                                Provided by                            Contact Hours /
                                                       Completed             (School, code organization, etc.)               CEUs

     Significant Changes            11 Nov 2013               EJATC of Southern Nevada          16hrs / 1.6 CEU's

   1. Copy of your drivers license
   2. Copy of "Signed" course completion letter for "Significant Changes"
   3. Copy of your current ICC Clark County Low Voltage Card  
   4. 2 new Passport Photos unless you are uglier now than in the past.

  Sign it, Date it.... Review it 7 times over   (Signing twice if paying by credit card)

Mail with proper postage to address on bottom of the page.

Clark County Low Voltage Technician Certification

How to get certified...    first read the Clark County instructions
                                                                    updated Jan  2017 

The Clark County Instructions are well written and should answer all questions you may have.
More information available at the Clark County Website