Hard drive dead?    No hard drive?    Forgotten password?
You need any PC that qualifies as a door stop?

Instructions & files nessecary to create a USB drive capable of booting to Dos
or Mini Windows XP with necessary utilities to revive a dead PC.
Instructions: simple 1 page PDF with pictures (Not for 64bit machines!)
Tools:  236k of just the tools required to make a bootable USB.

Hiren's Boot CD v15.2 ISO
   - 512k  Download from here
Browse sites like http://www.portablefreeware.com/ for apps to put on the USB.
Small installable (non-portable) apps can also be kept on the USB to install on the fly.
What do I use this capability for? Insurance purposes. Free software from WYO allows an excellent way to inventory the household valuables and store the information on the USB drive. I then keep the USB drive in a fireproof safe. Heaven forbid the house should burn down. I have an inventory of everthing I had.