CD's, DVD's, & BluRays's do not last forever. Keeping an alternate digital format as backup is advisable. Here are the steps to backup your BluRays.
Misc step 1:
     You MUST have a PC with enough processing power / Ram / Hard Drive Space
     You must have a BluRay Reader to copy BluRays

Misc step 2:
     I would recommend an external USB3 Passport drive to store finished products

Step 3: download and install MAKEMKV , currently free during the BETA testing.
                   On subsequent runs you will be required to enter the $50 registration code.
                   Just download and reinstall to reset or use the temporary Beta key

Step 4: download and install HandBrake. HandBrake DOES NOT decrypt BluRay.
                  This utility will convert the BluRay files to several standard formats.
                   If you get the error "No Title(s) found", your source is encrypted.
1 - Shrink Movie to Iso using DVDshrink
2 - Mount the ISO as a virtual drive (daemon347 if not windows 7/8)
3 - DVD to iPad Converter

    I have had problems with old/cheap DVD's ripping with audio/video out of synch
   Use AVIFrate from        (My personnal help file)
AVIFrate works with AVI files use a video converter to save in the desired format.


WinX DVD Ripper Free allows you to copy DVDs that you own,
onto your hard disk or a portable device such as an MP4 player.
       Typical file size for MP4 is a little over 1Gig but great quality
       AnyDVD is required if DVD is encrypted
       Output to AVI MPEG MP4 WMV MOV FLV & MP3 (if music cd)